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Education through Teaching; Discipline and Training

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Lifestyle Training for Your Situation

     No matter who you are or where you live you want to give the very best to your family that you can afford and nothing less will suffice. So why is it we put so little emphasis on the protection of ourselves and our families as if nothing could ever happen to you, until it does. 

     We are all touched by life and starting out Safe and Aware is key either leading you to submit or overcome. Don't leave your life or the life of those you love in the hands of the what if when there is training to fit your lifestyle.

       To Name A Few:

  • Safety Awareness : Training on how to see the things that could be a threat

  • Defensive Mindset : Determining how and with What you might defend yourself

  • Anti Abduction : You can Refuse To Be A Victim

  • Non - Lethal : train in an environment that will push your skills without harm

    • Pistol Progression :

      • Learn about the gun and why you want it in the first place​​

      • Shoot with accuracy and skill

      • Protect yourself in the Home and the importance of choosing the correct ammunition

      • Learn to use a holster safely and how to defend yourself outside you home if needed

      • The Firearm is to be used as "THE LAST RESORT"

** Promote "Responsible" Gun Ownership **



If you enjoy your freedom in America under God with a strong belief in our 2nd Amendments Rights under the Constitution of the United States of America. Don't leave your rights in the hands of others who don't care about you or believe the way you do.

Safety is First and Foremost in Anything You Do!


Must be a Legal U.S. Person / Citizen in order to receive firearms training.


: PSB Texas : FO1234 - JO3020


We are a PSB approved Training Academy for


Level II - non commissioned officer

Level III - commissioned officer

Level IV - personal protection officer

If you are looking for a career in Security, contact us today!


13003 Murphy Rd. Suite E-2, Stafford, Texas 77477

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