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Society today would have you believe that guns are bad but refuse to make the distinction that it isn't the gun that is bad, but the person behind it. So at what point is it acceptable to defend your own life or the life of those you love knowing that the gun is the last thing you want to pull because of it's life altering changes.

We train you beyond just pulling the trigger by training your mind to determine if a firearm is right for you or if you need some other form of self defense. You may find yourself in a situation where you can't use your firearm and are forced to defend yourself by other means. 

Beyond the NRA Courses we work with you to help determine a path that fits into your lifestyle that you can master and know how you might react in a life altering confrontation. Our first goal is to teach you how to avoid the confrontation in the first place, but help you train in the event you cannot avoid what is going to happen. 

Ultimately whatever decision you make on how you choose to defend yourself is up to you. We cannot and will not give you scenarios and tell you what to do because until you are faced with this decision you can only hope your training will kick in leading to your survival and the survival of those you love.

We Train Smarter not Harder and base that Training to fit into your daily routine according to your abilities. If you have the will you can achieve anything. You are the only person standing in your way. 

Our hearts go out to "ALL" who are killed or directly affected by acts of violence for what ever reason and with whatever means but more laws are not the answer.

It is time we step up to the plate and educate people with the proper training geared toward their needs and desires. We will not sell you a class but encourage you to take a look at your surroundings and find something that will fit your lifestyle and train.

You would think with society the way it is today that a little more effort in Safety Awareness and Defensive Training would be in high demand. We would have everyone go home and live to see another day with family, friends, loved ones.

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