NRA Courses 

Pistol Disciplines

  • Pistol

  • Personal Protection In The Home

  • Personal Protection Outside The Home

  • Defensive Pistol

Range Officer Disciplines

  • Range Safety Officer

  • Chief Range Safety Officer

Long Gun Disciplines

  • Rifle

  • Shotgun

Muzzleloading Disciplines

  • Pistol

  • Rifle

  • Shotgun

Safety Disciplines

  • Home Firearm Safety

  • Refuse To Be A Victim

Ammunition Disciplines

  • Metallic Reloading

  • Shotgun Shell Reloading

Private Security Courses PSB Approved - Texas

  • Level II : Non Commissioned

  • Level III : Commissioned Security Officer

  • Level IV : PPO "Personal Protection Officer

  • Shotgun Certification

  • OC Spray Training

DPS "License To Carry"

  • Classroom Coverage of the Laws

  • Supervised Qualification Shoot

  • "Prep Classes Available"

Other Training Courses

Available One on One; Group or Family

  • Safety Awareness

  • Anti Abduction

  • Defensive Mindset

  • Disaster Preparation

  • Safety In The Home Including Safe Rooms

  • Non - Lethal Push Your Skills to the Limits

  • How to Choose the Gun that's right for You

  • Holster Training for Carry Prep

  • Water - Food Supply and more...

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Not looking to become an Instructor but want to experience training, learn about the gun and shooting techniques? 

All NRA Courses have two levels, the Basic Student and the Instructor who trains the Basic Student. 

If you are interested in becoming the Instructor you must first be the student and take the

Basic Course.

Let us help you determine your path through training.