Woman Stalked in Garage

What is Your Life Worth?

Do you wake up wishing to become a Victim?

So why do you leave your Safety to Fate?

Take Control of Your Life and Live a Safer Future!

Don't be the next Story in the Headlines!

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Safety Awareness and

the Defensive Mindset

  1. No one wakes up and decides to become a victim but all to often we put ourselves in situations without thinking because we lack training, are unaware, and go to long without a plan.

  2. A criminal will always have "a" plan because they spend their time thinking over the details and looking for opportunity. Their disadvantage is they only have the "one" plan with multiple layers.

Understanding what these levels are and how to incorporate safety into your lifestyle by creating a plan can mean the difference between life and death.

Your life is worth more than can be imagined and your family would be utterly heartbroken without you here. Losing loved ones to death we see coming is difficult enough, but losing them to tragedy that perhaps could have been avoided changes ones life and outlook forever.


Learn how to live in awareness and what to do if the situation is unavoidable.


Contact us today and let us help you determine what type of plan and training you need to fit into your lifestyle based on your abilities.

​Topics covered:

  • Making Yourself Safer

  • Dress and Appearance

  • Out with Friends

  • Setting Healthy Boundaries

  • Verbal Commands and much much more...

Don't Let The Words

"it will never happen to me"

determine what you will do to secure your future.

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