Contact us for a training package that works with your lifestyle based on your abilities. No need for fancy training that will force you to alter your daily routine. Training should be an extension of what you already do. From firearm maintenance, holster training and scenarios that include the children, our goal is to prepare you for the unknown. 

Open Book

Pistol Courses

Basic Instruction
Instructor Certification

Personal Protection Courses

Basic Instruction
Instructor Certification

"Range Safety Officer"

Basic Instruction
with Certification

"Refuse To Be A Victim"

Have you considered what training you need? or want? how you will get there? 

Start your training out the right way. 

- Our Basic Pistol teaches you parts, operation, ammunition, proper shooting techniques, how to select the pistol that is right for you, maintenance, storage and more. 

- Whether you are starting out or ready to teach, these courses are your starting point. Contact us for more information.

What is beyond the Pistol Courses?

- Starting with "IN THE HOME" where you learn how to defend your home and family, safe rooms, verbal commands and communicating with the Police to "OUTSIDE THE HOME" where you learn proper carry modes, drawing from a holster, what to do if you are involved in a violent confrontation, communicating with the police outside the home and more.

RSO "Range Safety Officer"

- Whether you are just a shooter, teaching class or monitoring the range. Learn basic range operations, safety briefings, emergency training and procedures, how to operate a variety firearms you may encounter at the range.

No one decides to get up one day and become a victim, yet how can we protect ourselves? By learning what to look for and how to avoid bad situations to begin with. 

These seminars are not for using guns, but using out minds and what means we have available. This is for those who are not ready for owning and using a firearm for protection.