Giving Thanks

Though thanks should be given every single day of the year on this one day we set aside for family, food and fun is thanks really given? We spend so much time trying to find something wrong with others and on this one day when we should give it a rest we use this opportunity with a captive audience to belittle, begrudge or ridicule the very ones we claim to like or love.

As in my prior post we seem to care little or understand the value of relationships and what they mean for the betterment of ourselves and our lives. When we work together all benefit from the rewards of business relationships and personal relationships. As every small business understands if you do not build relationships with your clients you will have none.

Perhaps while we are contemplating our new years resolutions we might pause to take a long hard look inside ourselves and ask what we can do to build or rebuild relationships that are beneficial to our lives.

Some people come into our lives for a short while and others to stay, but building relationships are not only important for our well being, but for the success of our future.

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