The Importance of Relationships

It seems to me that we've lost the desire to build relationships with our students, our trainers, those who open the door for others success. We live in our own world doing our own thing and have determined that if it doesn't affect us why be concerned.

In my opinion this has led our industry to what I like to call cut-throat as we are so busy worrying about someone else taking our business we don't realize that our businesses can benefit from working together.

For example, someone else treats you wrong so you extend that hurt and anger onto others who can help your business because you then believe everyone is out to get you. Perhaps you don't understand that this only makes you look bad and that the person who did you wrong could care less and doesn't even recall the incident.

There are over 7 million people in the Houston/Harris county alone and as I mention in our classes, one person and one range cannot possibly accommodate or train everyone on their own which is why we should work together.

It is always beneficial to pull resources and assist with each other to build businesses and relationships rather than turn our backs and tear each other down. People accomplish mighty things together and not on their own. Having a support system in place where everyone is working for the common good of all is the best way to start each day while striving to do the right things.

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