Something for everyone!

We are now able to offer some of our training in a Virtual Setting minimizing your exposure to others. 

You are welcome to take these classes if you are interested in gaining the knowledge but all range instruction and shooting must be done in person. 

There are those who do not want to own a gun and those who are looking to buy their first gun and are therefore not ready for the shooting portion. Your class will be listed as incomplete until such time you are ready for the shooting portion. 

See our Calendar for these classes and feel free to contact to put together training for you. 

While we can train you virtually from anywhere, we will need to be able to meet with you in our area for the shooting portion. 

Contact us for any questions you may have.



Want More?

Firearms Training



All of these classes are both on the Basic Level and the Instructor Level for those of you who are passionate about teaching others. 

We also offer Rifle and Shotgun for those of you (not limited to) hunting or getting involved in Trap or Skeet, perhaps Sporting Clays. 

We have an NRA Winchester Marksman Ship Program and can show you how to broaden your training while earning Certificates, Patches, and more.

For those who have a drive to reload your ammunition both Metallic and Shotgun Shell we can teach you how it's done. 

And for those who want to go back to the basics and shoot muzzleloading firearms we've got your back. 

Become a Range Safety Officer and learn the basic of running a range, how to react in an  emergency, what to carry in your medical bag and more...

NON-Firearm Classes



Perhaps you are not ready for a gun but are ready to take your safety in your own hands and prepare for the what if. We offer Refuse To Be A Victim where you will learn the levels of awareness and how you can avoid situations with training. 

Feel confident when you are out with friends and family that you can spot trouble and remove yourself from the scene and as the title says, "Refuse to be a Victim"

No matter who you are or where you live you want to give the very best to your family that you can afford and nothing less will suffice. So why is it we put so little emphasis on the protection of ourselves and our families as if nothing could ever happen to you, until it does.

We are all touched by life and starting out Safe and Aware is key either leading you to submit or overcome. Don't leave your life or the life of those you love in the hands of the what if when there is training to fit your lifestyle.




We can help you set up a safe room in your home, what to put in it and how to train with your family. 

Admit it, though we do our best there are things we are just going to forget and helping you lay out your plan is what we do.

We'll do a walk through with you and talk with you about your fears and concerns and what to do in the event of....  We'll cover some Basic Home Safety and get you to a point of walking through your house in the dark and never miss a step. No one knows your home like you do. 

Public Speaking


We have the knowledge and skills to speak with your family, friends and loved ones about safety techniques whether in or out of the home. We cover topics such as anti - abduction, visual awareness, safe words, etc.

We'll speak to your employees on dealing with harassment or violence in the work place. How to handle it and what to do. We are all affected by these things on some level and they continue because no one wants to talk about it. Let's clear the air and help your employees enjoy going to work and not dreading it because of someone else. 

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