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!!Don't Miss Out - Get The Credit You Deserve!!


    Whether NRA or NON NRA training, get your classes logged into the NRA Instructor Portal and show activity on your NRA Pistol Instructor Certification. 


    Paperwork is daunting, annoying and very time consuming; one of the main reasons you don't log your training to begin with. You signed up to train, not to do paperwork and therefore are not getting the training credits you deserve. So why earn Certifications if you are just going to sit on them or possibly lose them? 


    I am here to help and combined I have 26 years experience (both physical onsite and online) in data entry; filing; email correspondence; bookkeeping; communication and more. I spend a lot of time explaining or emailing many of you on how to log your classes and still, you are either overwhelmed because you rarely go into the system or you just don't have time so your credit for training is simply not getting logged. 

    Since I am in the NRA Instructor Portal almost daily, I've decided to open my assistance to you, our students and help you get that credit for training that you rightly deserve by helping you manage that overflowing pile of paperwork to get you on track and up to date. Don't risk your Certification expiring or losing it to inactivity. 

What it Cost and How it Works:

  • $30 - One time set up fee

  • $25 - Per class opened and closed, includes a reminder when NRA Certifications are due

     Once you agree to my services along with your invoice you'll receive a list of items needed to set up your account "this will include permissions from you and a confidentiality agreement from me" in order to render services on your behalf. 

     After your account has been set up, I will send a list of the minimum items needed to open and close your class. You'll send me the information from that list to my email: No1TrainingLogger@gmail.com and I will invoice you for that class or classes sent. Once that invoice is paid, the work will be done and you'll receive a confirmation and copy of the completed class.

     Log as little or as many classes you wish. I would suggest at least one class a month. I will also keep up with your Certification Due Date and send you a reminder when you are ready to renew. 


     Email me and let's get you set up and heading in the right direction. Time is money and if you are spending that time shuffling through paperwork you are losing money. Start using your time wisely and I'll do the paperwork for you.


NOTE: I will NOT answer any training questions or inquires where your Pistol Instructor Certifications are concerned through this email. You must continue to email bbarnold@arm-edacademy.com for all class inquiries. 


This email is specifically designed for communication with my clients and logging in training for credit only. Please keep these things separated.


Louise A. Fields-Arnold  832) 452-3830



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